Instructions For Sending Us Your Models and

We are excited that you want to send us your latest model to share with others. DAM
users around the world come to this website to see what new models and fields they can
download and enjoy.

Sending us your models and fields is easy...

  1. Put all the files needed by your model or field into a single folder on your computer.
  1. Make sure the model or field file (it has the .dam extension) is there, as well
    as any textures and custom sounds you may have used.
  2. Don't forget to put something descriptive that you would like others to read in
    the Author's Notes. It is always nice to sign your work as well, and this is
    where to do it.
  1. Zip all of the files into a single zip folder.
  1. This is easy to do from Windows Explorer or My Computer by selecting all of
    the files, then right clicking on one of the selected files and choosing "Send
    to Compressed (zipped) Folder". The zipped folder that is created will contain
    all of the selected files.
  2. If you are uncomfortable making a zip file, you can always send us all the
    separate files and we'll take care of it. Remember that the zipped files are
    considerably smaller for you to send, and easier for us to work with.
  1. Attach the zipped file to an email and send it to us.
  1. Put "DAM Model Submission" or "DAM Field Submission" in the subject line.
  2. Send it to DAM Model Sharing (click the link, or if you prefer to type, the
    email address is
  1. Read the Guidelines and Agreement below before sending any files.
  1. In the body of the email type "I have read, understand and agree to the
    model sharing Guidelines and Agreement as specified on your website."
  2. We cannot use any materials that do not include this statement.

Guidelines and Agreement
  • Please do not send anything except Digital Aircraft Modeler model and field files.
    Anything else will be ignored and disposed of.
  • We reserve the right to elect to use or not to use any submitted material at our sole
  • By sending us your work, you declare it to be your own work, entirely in the public
    domain, free of copyright or ownership of any kind, including the accompanying
    sounds and textures. You further authorize Sunday Flyer Software, LLC to publish it
    for others to download and use without limitation of any kind. You further authorize
    Sunday Flyer Software, LLC to use the model and accompanying materials as
    examples for instruction, illustration, promotion or advertising. You understand that
    pertinent aspects of the original program EULA apply.
  • Please do not expect to see your model published right away. It can take us several
    days, or even weeks, depending on how many files we need to review.
  • We try to reply to everyone who sends us a model, but remember we may be
    swamped, so it may take some time. Please be patient.
  • Please do not use adult material for textures. We will not publish models that may
    be offensive to others..

Sunday Flyer Software, LLC reserves the right to modify, add and/or removes the points
of this agreement.
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