Program Features

Digital Aircraft Modeler RC Flight Simulator is divided into two distinct areas, the editor and the flight
simulator. You build your airplanes and flying fields in the editor. You take your planes to the field and
practice your radio control flying!

There are many hundreds of features available. I'll just list a few of my favorites. For a more complete
understanding of the program's features, you may want to browse through the full tutorials,
Quick Start,
First Model and First Field.

  • Sophisticated 3D sketch environment similar to expensive CAD engineering programs.
  • Flexible, easy to use 3D tools to create objects from your sketch
  • Draw in lines for straight sides and splines for smooth curves
  • Multiple sketches with ability to copy/paste and project between them
  • Use any shape to cut objects along your line of sight, making it easy to make ailerons, windows, etc.
  • Load pictures of model plans to trace
  • Use common pictures as textures
  • Textures can be base color, blend color, bump maps, transparency maps and gloss maps
  • The easiest and most intuitive texture application method available anywhere
  • Allows Cube Map use for backgrounds and reflections
  • Noise texture bitmaps are used to make convincing clouds in multiple layers that can move at
    independent rates for "Deep Sky" simulation
  • A "Billboard System" for moons and planets that rise, cross the sky, and set
  • An image based Particle System for smoke with rotation,color and size change and fades
  • Common .wav files can be used as sounds for any object
  • Sounds exhibit realistic position, doppler and stereo effects
  • Control surfaces, props, retracts, and more move in reaction to speed or stick input
  • Multi Document interface allows several models to be open at the same time
  • Copy/Paste between document windows
  • Geometry Independent Physics flight engine (GIP) allows you to export flight characteristics of your
    favorite model and import them for use with other models
  • Rain and Snow with the precipitation feature
  • Damage controls make parts fall from your aircraft
  • Earned Objects - weapons you must earn to use
Build Model Parts
Use almost any joystick controller

No longer are you forced to pay for and use only a
specific controller. DAM makes it easy to use any of the
common types of controllers to control your aircraft, from
inexpensive game pad styles, to flight simulator stick
controllers, to specialized Radio Control simulation
Use most controllers
Trace Bitmaps
Traceable Digital Plans

You can create or download plans for your
airplanes, and load them directly into DAM's
sketch environment. This makes it easy to trace
the parts for your plane. You can use polygons
(straight sides) or splines (curved sides), then
extrude or revolve them into the objects you
use to build the digital aircraft.
System Requirements

Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Graphics Card with OpenGL support
Joystick, Gamepad or Simulated RC controller
DAM R/C Flight Simulator Scene
Digital Aircraft
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DAM RC Flight Simulator Logo
Flying Field Terrain Generator
Noise Based Terrain Maker

This simple to use tool gives you of the
ground. The result is a This simple to use
tool gives you polygon mesh object that
can be textured just like any other object.
It is easy to make a field that has a
flattened flying area in the center and
rolling hills or mountains in the distance.
Moving Clouds and Rising Moon
Sky Can Have Moving Clouds and Moon or

You can place pictures on "Billboards" that can
move across the sky, creating wonderful simulations
of the moon (or anything you can imagine!) rising
and setting. Clouds can be layered and move at
different rates.
And A Few More Special Callouts
CAD drawn model in wireframe
DAM RC Flight Simulator Scene
Flocking Objects
This special type of object allows pairs
that "flap their wings" and are "aware" of
how close they are to the model and to
each other. Makes for interesting and fun  
flocks of birds, butterflies or whatever you
can imagine.
3D CAD RC Flight Simulator
Build your aircraft
  • Load plans you can trace!
  • Draw in our sophisticated 3D CAD
    sketch environment
  • Extrude and Rotate Shapes
  • Download free aircraft from SFS
    and from other users
DAM CAD sketch mode
RC Model Drawing in progress
Build your fields
  • Simple terrain generator
  • Moving multi level clouds
  • Billboard capable for easy Trees,
    Moon, Planets, etc
  • Download free fields from SFS and
    from other users
Texture your aircraft
  • Load any picture
  • Easy to use, just line up the picture
    on your model until you like what
    you see, then click apply
  • Multiple texture levels
Texture Application
RC Flying Training
Go Flying!
  • A great way to learn radio control flying!
  • Works with almost any controller
  • Classic Pilot Ground Up View, or Fly Along with
    the model