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P38 Lightning with Weapons

For Version 2.0 we added guns,
bombs and missiles to our model of
this classic WWII aircraft.

The heat seeking missile have
extended range and burn time. The
four nose cannon are particularly
effective in close range.

Super Cub Heavy Weapons

Dale S wasn't satisfied with the
weapons that come with the installed
Cub, so he increased their range
and fire rates. The enemy might
think it a little unfair!

He also gave it a sleek black look.
User's Aircraft and Fields
Version 1.0 and up: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3,
Version 2.0 and up: Page 4
, Page 5

Below you will find links to DAM RC flight simulator aircraft and fields that have been
created by DAM users. Each file comes complete with all textures and sounds required. To
download, right click on the picture and choose "Save Target". Save to a suitable location.

After downloading, simply unzip the file into its own folder. When you run DAM, select
"Open" and navigate to the folder where you unzipped the file. You will see the file you
want to load.
Classic Flying Saucer with

This is a field weapon you can add
to your fields. We've based the
design on the classic saucers of the
'56 movie Earth vs Flying Saucers!

Very cool.
Classic Flying Saucer

In the movie the saucers only
extended their weapon when they
were ready to fight. Combine a few
with weapons with some that do not
have weapons for even more fun

You can read more about them and
how to get them into your fields in
blog article.

Classic BattleField 1

As promised, here is a field
featuring the two saucers above.

The battle is set for only 6 levels,
but they get hard fast. It is difficult
with a stock plane to finish all 6!
DAM Whimsical Castle

An ad that popped up in my browser
featured a cute castle drawing and
thought, "That would be cool to fly

So here it is. It is just big enough to
land in the "court".
Castle BattleField

Here is a complete Battle Field that
features the above Castle.

The terrain uses the Height Map
feature in the new Version 2.2. You
can still load and fly in version 2.1,
but you won't be able to edit the
terrain without version 2.2.

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