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Small-N-Easy Trainer

The smaller cousin to the
Big-N-Easy Trainer, this digital
plane nicely demonstrates that
smaller models are a little more
tricky to fly, even the docile ones!
Big-N-Easy Trainer

This is without a doubt the
easiest DAM R
C flight simulator
aircraft to fly so far. Big elegant
maneuvers come so naturally,
you'll look like a pro.
Flying Witch!

Just in time for the Halloween
Season we bring you this
frighteningly easy to fly model of
an authentic Witch!

She cackles as she flys, with a
special smoker that emits
images of bats. Guess where we
put the smoker!

Lots of fun.
Halloween Themed Field!

This scary field has
Jack-O-Lanterns, a graveyard,
flocks of fun bats and a HUGE
moon that echoes the pumpkins.

Lots of fun sound effects.
A perfect place to fly your Witch!
B17 Medium (94 inch wingspan)

Showing off multi engines in a
dramatic way, this stand off scale
version of the Liberty Bell is an
excellent flyer.
B17 Large (188 inch wingspan)

This huge DAM R
C flight
simulator aircraft is unbelievably
stable in flight. It's size and the
beat in the sound of the four
engines adds up to some really
dramatic flybys.
P-38 Lightning

A classic WWII support and
mission aircraft. The classic twin
hull design is unmistakable in the
sky or on the ground.

This is a responsive and sporty
100 inch wingspan DAM R
C flight
simulator aircraft.
T33A Shooting Star Medium

This twin wing tank classic design
shouts "Jet!" to most of the boomer

A fast, stable 64" wingspan digital jet.
Nieuport 28

Suddenly you're in the South of
France and it's 1918!

This is a beautifully detailed DAM
RC flight simulator aircraft. We
spent some extra time getting the
flight characteristics just right.
Nieuport 28 Modified Pilot Position

This digital plane is identical to the one
above with one difference. The pilot
view position has been placed to make
the view MUCH more dramatic.

You can read more about this in the
blog article.
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User's Aircraft and Fields
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Version 2.0 and up:
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Below you will find links to DAM RC flight simulator aircraft and fields that have been
created by DAM users. Each file comes complete with all textures and sounds required. To
download, right click on the picture and choose "Save Target". Save to a suitable location.

After downloading, simply unzip the file into its own folder. When you run DAM, select
"Open" and navigate to the folder where you unzipped the file. You will see the file you
want to load.